Complaint channel

At COLVIAS, we are committed to acting within the legal framework, and maintaining ethical behavior. Promoting communication channels to all our stakeholders to prevent, detect and deal with bribery acts or those that are not aligned to our corporate values. For this we have created the email, which is a tool that allows employees and others to confidentially alert about suspicions. Reports will be classified and will reach the Ethics Committee for evaluation and taking appropriate action. Reports can be made anonymously.

Before making a bribery report, we invite you to read the following paragraph.

  • Using this form you can make in good faith complaints of alleged or actual bribery attempts, any violation of the anti-bribery management system. Or seek advice on what to do if facing a problem or situation that could involve bribery.
  • Please note before completing this form, facts you report on this form could constitute an offence or a crime.
  • You can report anonymously
  • Confidentiality and reservation of the information provided will be kept
Form for Complaining and / or Raising Concerns of the Anti-Bribery Management System